Watsonia coccinea

Watsonia coccinea

photo:Mary Sue Ittner

A naturally petite Watsonia! Many of this species cousins get LARGE, but not so with this little-known species. One of the smallest Watsonias at only 1' high, it's also a pretty one – despite the name (coccinea means red) the flower color can be various shades or red, pink or purple. It's also not a spreader, so it's perfect for small gardens that wouldn't ordinarily be able to consider members of this genus. Like all Watsonias, though, it's perfectly paired with our climate! Dormant in Summer during the dry times, & growing in Winter & Spring with the naturally occurring rainfall. It's tolerant of many soil types, though some added drainage would benefit this species. A lovely container subject!

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 8-10