Eucalyptus erythrocorys
“Red Cap Gum” “Illyarrie”

Eucalyptus erythrocorys “Red Cap Gum” “Illyarrie”

photo: tteerriitt/

One of the most beautiful Eucalyptus in my opinion. The flowers have interesting red buds which pop open to reveal luscious yellow-green stamens that arrange themselves into four clusters. The flowers are large (2-3”) & bloom for a long time (Fall-Spring) & look fantastic in a vase. This tree is native to Australia where it can be found growing in sandy soil & receives rainfall equivalent to that of Los Angeles. So it is fairly drought tolerant & does best with well-draining soil. Growing 25-30' tall & wide & generally multi-trunked, this tree is also fast growing. The curving blue-green leaves are another attribute to an already stunning plant. Would make a showy addition to any garden. Loved by hummingbirds!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9-11