Erythrina latissima
“Broad Leaved Coral Tree”

Erythrina latissima “Broad Leaved Coral Tree”Erythrina latissima “Broad Leaved Coral Tree”

photos: Geoff Stein

Super rare, & rarely offered! Seeing this “Coral Tree” in bloom during winter is enough for any dedicated plant fanatic to sign up for “zonal denial”. The red blooms appear in late Winter, & glow red against the distinctive, corky bark. New growth emerges covered in velvet, & as leaves mature they become huge, leathery & green. All around, an astounding plant, & very attractive to nectar seeking birds. Slow growing to 20' or more with a rounded crown, this species prefers a sunny site. Southern California is lucky to have a perfect climate for this rare tree. We Bay Area locals can grow them, but they are generally happier a little closer to the equator. Once established they are DROUGHT TOLERANT. Well drained soil is best.

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 9b-11