Eriogonum umbellatum
“Sulphur Flower”

Eriogonum umbellatum “Sulphur Flower”Eriogonum umbellatum “Sulphur Flower”

Butterflies love this fabulously low-water native, and so do we! Soft mounds of spoon-shaped, silvery green leaves give way to masses of sulpher yellow flowers in late Spring through Summer, drawing in all manner of nectar seeking creatures. Once spent, the cheerful blooms fade to red or orange for continued interest. This species has a huge range throughout the West, and can be pretty variable in height, flower and leaf. Our plants are seed grown from populations that grow to 1' tall, spreading to 2'. Super easy to grow, and needs no supplemental water after the first year. Because of it's low, mat forming habit, this valueable habitat plant also makes a great groundcover for tough spots and dry slopes when massed. Thrives in nutrient poor soils!

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 3a-10