Lampranthus sp.
'Hot Flash'

Lampranthus sp.'Cherry Bomb' 'Hot Flash'Lampranthus sp.'Cherry Bomb' 'Hot Flash'

Upon seeing this succulent shrublet during its full Spring bloom, you may need to sit down. In fact, you may want to grab a fan & loosen your collar a bit as well. It really is thathot. NOT for the faint of heart, the foliage-obscuring flowers are in a shade of neon pink best viewed with shades. Similar to Lampranthus spectabilis, but we're not sure about its exact identification. Super easy to grow! Little care is required - well drained soil & not too much water. Pleasingly ground covering & great in pots! Grows 1’ by 3’ wide. From South Africa.

Claire Woods

Full Sun
deer resistant
USDA Zones 9-11