Lampranthus sp.
'Hot Flash'

Lampranthus sp. 'Hot Flash'Lampranthus sp. 'Hot Flash'

BRILLIANT hot-pink blooms not for the faint of heart!Seeing this succulent shrublet during its full Spring bloommay induce the need to sit down, grab a fan, & loosen your collar a bit. Pretty grey-green succulent foliage on creeping pink stems is almost completely obscured by the blasting neon pink 1” blooms when in full flower. Super easy to grow! Little care is required beyond well-drained soil & a bit of water. Makes a beautiful low-water, low-maintenance, evergreen groundcover– it’s also great in a container! Grows 1’ high by 3’ wide.

Claire Woods

Full Sun
deer resistant
USDA Zones 9-11