Dahlia imperialis
"Bell Tree Dahlia"

Dahlia imperialis Dahlia imperialis

A real traffic stopper! This magnificent species Dahlia from Central America grows like a weed here in California. So why is it so hard to find? To at least 8' tall, it can reach 20' when happy. In areas with cold Winters, some gardeners include this monstrous beauty just for its foliage! The tall canes are bamboo like, with lush leaves. The flowers, though, the flowers!! Each lavender pink bloom can span up to 6” & the massive flowering panicles can be 3' across - and mind you that is per stalk! Blooms Fall to early Winter. Large plants can produce an abundance of flowers both alarming & astounding when you stand underneath them in full bloom & see them all looking down at you. Wonder! Cut back to 6” after it has finished blooming. Cold hardy and tough as nails.


Full Sun (protect from big winds)
Average Water

USDA Zones 8-10