Actinidia deliciosa

Actinidia deliciosa “Kiwi”

photo:Grenadad at Flickr

Big, lush foliage is reward enough for growing this vine, which also happens to provide very delicious fruit. Kiwi vines really make an impact – they grow to be quite large, over 30’ in ideal conditions, with luxurious, big fuzzy leaves, & new growth cloaked in red velvet. Moist, rich soil yields best results. Feed sparingly to avoid burning your plants. Kiwis are dioecious - plants are either male or female. Since our plants are grown from seed, it’s very hard to say whether you have one or the other before the plants flower. If you want to grow this vine for more than foliage & flowers (which are borne in clusters, & white), we suggest planting a few close together to increase your odds of getting fruit. Though the fruit is named for New Zealand’s national bird (which is also small, brown, roundish & furry) this species is actually from Southern China.

Claire Woods

USDA Zones 8a-11