Philadelphus microphyllus
“Littleleaf Mockorange”

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Philadelphus microphyllus “Littleleaf Mockorange”

photo: Nick Turland

One of our own native mock oranges! A lovely, low maintenance ornamental, Philadelphus microphyllus is compact in habit & has lovely cream to white flowers that bloom from late Spring to early Summer, & fill the air with their orange-blossom like scent. Average height & width is 4-6’, & the 1” plus flowers dwarf the small, olive green leaves. Our plants are seed grown, & are therefore slightly variable in leaf, size & flower. Makes a superb informal hedge! Once established, occasional deep watering in Summer should be sufficient to maintain the health & appearance of the plant. Rich soil is best, but not required.

Claire Woods

Pt.Shade/Full Sun

USDA Zones 6-11