Ceratotheca triloba
'Dark Pink Form'
Ceratotheca triloba "Dark Pink Form'

The "South African Foxgloves" that we’ve offered before have all been really easy to grow & really lovely in their own way, but the flower color (light mauve) left something to be desired. Now there is officially no reason to be on the fence about this plant! Deeppink, 2" flowers are delicately detailed with a finely pinstriped throat. Very pretty! An interesting & unusual addition to the cottage garden & blooms first year from seed. Try it instead of Digitalis! Grows well in less than perfect soil, in drought & in full sun, but the plants won’t be nearly as tall or as floriferous as those grown in better soil, with more water & in more shade. Potentially 3' tall & 2' wide. If kept watered, they will bloom till frost! Reseeds. Grown as an annual in most places, but said to live over where hardy.


Part sun/Sun
Low/Avg. water

USDA zones 9-11
Annual elsewhere