Galvezia speciosa
“Island Bush Snapdragon”

Galvezia speciosa “Island Bush Snapdragon”Galvezia speciosa “Island Bush Snapdragon”

photo: (right) Kelly Kilpatrick

It takes hard work to get this plant to look bad! Evergreen branches are tipped with clusters of 1” red, snapdragon-like flowers on this interesting California native from the Channel Islands. Grows well in tough soils, including clay, and is a veritable hummingbird hot spot when in bloom. The form is mounded – up to 3’ high, and 4-5’ wide from a woody base. Adapts well to dry conditions (especially in the shade) and has a very long bloom season – late Spring through Fall. Its lax stems allow it to be both a groundcover (if planted in the open), or a vining shrub that will grow up through lattice work, small trees, or shrubs. On the coast, this species can go completely dry in the Summer – inland it likes a bit more water.


CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 9-11