Ixia polystachya

Ixia polystachyaIxia polystachya

This South African Cape native bulb creates quite the dazzling display in March & April. A very charming bulb with 2-3' tall flower stems with a 3-4” cluster of flowers at the top - fantastic in flower arrangements! Flower color is variable, ranging from pinky purple to white with centers in colors such as deep, sultry purple, sky blue, teal, green, yellow, and various combinations thereof. They're all so beautiful, it's impossible to pick a favorite! Easy to grow in a Summer-dry, well-drained garden, or in a container which you can set aside during the dormant Summer season. Will multiply each year.

Ixia polystachyaIxia polystachya
Low-Avg. Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA Zones 8-11