Teucrium scorodonia
‘Crispum Marginatum’

Teucrium scorodonia ‘Crispum Marginatumí

An elegant plant for dry shade! I love the foliage on this Teucrium. It has lovely soft green leaves with cute fluted & ruffled edges. I planted it in my garden & then proceeded to neglect the heck out of it & it was just fine! I was surprised that this delicate looking plant was such a toughy! The flowers won’t take your breath away but are pretty none-the-less. The 8” spikes of small cream-colored flowers bloom in Summer. The plant gets to be 9” tall & 2’ wide & is a really nice undulating groundcover. If planting it in sun give it a bit more water. Easy!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Low-Avg. water
USDA Zones 9-11