Silene sp. ‘Starfish’

Silene sp. ‘Starfish’ Silene sp. ‘Starfish’

The color on the vivid, 2” flowers of this regal perennial could more likely be sourced to something from the tidepool than something land dwelling. ‘Starfish’ is similar to our native Silene laciniata, but is larger in flower & leaf. This species is profusely blooming (on 2’ stems, & showy the whole way) – & its bloom time seems to go on forever, ranging from late Spring almost through Fall. The “pinked” flowers are a hummingbird attracting shape & color (showy vermillion, & tubular), & you can bet they will show up in droves! It goes deciduous in Winter, but pops back from roots again in the Spring. It seems to like it a little on the dry side, but we’re not sure of its drought tolerance just yet. Average soil & water should suit it fine! To 2' wide.

Claire Woods

USDA Zones 9-11