Aquilegia eximia
“Serpentine Columbine”

Aquilegia eximia“Serpentine Columbine”Aquilegia eximia“Serpentine Columbine”

Hard to find, this distinct & regal (up to 5' tall!) CA native Columbine is exceptionally tough, long-lived & fascinating in person, with its multitude of large, crown-like, 2" bright scarlet blooms & showy, extra-long golden stamens. Dangling seductively on archy, branchy stems in Spring & Summer, hummingbirds can't resist! Immune to mildew & very tolerant of non-draining clay soil. Prefers a relatively moist situation, but tolerates several weeks of dryness once established. 


Sun/Part Shade Inland
Moist/Low water

USDA Zones 4-10