Aeonium escobarii

Aeonium escobarii Aeonium escobarii

Stunning. Giant. Succulent. Rosette. Do you really need to know more? A superb focal point for a well drained garden, this uber-rare Canary Island (La Palmas) native is fabulous by itself & even more awesome three or more to line a pathway. To 20” tall & 3’ across, the main rosette surrounds itself with huggy babies, looking like a gigantic “Hen and Chicks.” Starry white blooms make up the large pyramidal inflorescence which lasts for months. Discovered only in 2001, it’s said to possibly be a form of A. davidbramwellii. A real treasure, grow it in full sun to part sun in hotter areas & provide well-drained soil with a tinge of occasional fertilizer or compost. Should be a beautiful container subject.


Low Water

USDA Zones 9b-11