Primula auricula ‘Grey Poupon’

Primula auricula ‘Grey Pouponí

Auricula Primroses have been popular in cultivation for over 300 years & yet are sadly very hard to find here in the states. Our named selections were chosen from a crop of plants whose parentage had a high pedigree - show-quality cultivars from England. We’re not sure if our choices meet the bench standards of choosy Brits, but we find them utterly enchanting! ‘Grey Poupon’ is a mustard yellow double (or occasionally semi-double) clone that’s very prolific & easy to grow. This clone, like all Auriculas, prefers to be grown in cool conditions, in rockeries or pots & with good drainage. We keep ours regularly top-dressed with a little compost in part shade. Ordinarily Primulas of this type are considered to be Spring bloomers, but because of our cool bayside weather they bloom off & on throughout the year! Evergreen, succulent rosettes grow from 4-10” tall & wide, larger with time & care.

Claire Woods

USDA Zones 3-10