'Lady Granville'

Dianthus 'Lady Granville'

Introduced in 1840, Ms. Granville's charming flowers, & tidy habit make it easy to see why this plant has been around for so long! Long, upright stems to 2' bear multitudes of semi-double, fringed white flowers irregularly laced in deep raspberry, & with a deep raspberry center in May – longer if deadheaded. Though not as powerfully fragrant as, say, 'Rose du Mai', the light clove scent of the 1.5” flowers is noticeable, & the exceptionally long stems make it one of the best for cutting. Dianthus benefit from well drained soil, so plant in pots or at the edge of the raised bed to ensure proper health. We feed our plants with a side dressing of compost once or twice a growing season, & cut them back to the base as needed. To 12" wide.

Claire Woods

USDA Zones 5-11