Alstroemeria hybrid ‘Tricolor’

Alstroemeria hybrid ‘Tricolor’Alstroemeria hybrid ‘Tricolor’

We know it’s getting more difficult to find the taller Alstroemerias in the trade, & we are so happy that Master Gardener Liz Youngflesh from Southern California shared material for this large flowered sterile hybrid with us! Long, sturdy stems – to 3’ tall – are topped with white striped pink flowers with dark mottling. Easy in almost any soil, this Alstroemeria can be grown in pots or in the ground, so long as you can deal with the fact that they do tend to spread out. They make so many lovely flowers that it’s hard to get mad when they hog garden space. If your colony starts looking tired just yank all of the old stems & let them regenerate from the underground rhizomes. Rich soil & regular water makes for better looking plants, but they can deal with a fair amount of neglect as well! Cut flowers last over a week in the vase!

Alstroemeria hybrid ‘Tricolor’Alstroemeria hybrid ‘Tricolor’


Claire Woods


USDA Zones 7-11