Berkheya cirsiifolia

Berkheya cirsiifolia “Mohata-o-mosoueu”Berkheya cirsiifolia “Mohata-o-mosoueu”

Wicked! This happy looking daisy is armed to the teeth with vicious spiny leaves! This rare South African perennial certainly appeals to those of us with a soft spot for mean plants. The clumping basal rosettes are angular & bold, with great textural appeal. The flowers have that archetypal daisy look – clean white petals with a sunny egg-yolk sized center. A full sun exposure & average, well drained soil would suit this species fine. Described as being able to reach 5’, ours have only been 2.5’ so far! Grows to 2’ wide, forming a larger colony over time. Plants bloom in Summer, & seem to go completely deciduous in Winter.

Claire Woods

Full Sun

USDA Zones 8-11