Helleborus orientalis
‘White Spotted Lady’

Helleborus orientalis ‘White Spotted Lady’Helleborus orientalis ‘White Spotted Lady’

Smart gardeners plant for seasonal interest, plus no shade garden can really be complete without a few Hellebores. These tough perennials are always lovely in leaf, but show their true colors around Holiday season when they arise from the ground like magic while everything else is mostly dormant. 2’x2’ seed grown hybrid with starry white flowers heavily speckled with deep maroon. So divine! The cup-shaped flowers are down-turned, so as to protect their pollen from the ravages of Winter weather. Amended soil yields best performance, Minimum requirement is a Fall planting to establish with Winter rains, & occasional snail-bait to protect them from their only natural foes – terrestrial mollusks.

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 6-10