Dais cotinifolia
“Pom-Pom Tree”

Dais continifolia "Pom-Pom Tree"

Absolutely delightful, intensely fragrant"pom-poms" burst into mid-Summer bloom on this rare, yet easy, versatile and accommodating S. African tree. Do Google it for more photos! Small enough for small gardens, patios and limited spaces, it reaches full size in 4-5 years (12' here in coastal California with a nice rounded crown), you can also prune it into a rounded, bushy shrub. Appearing in year 2, the plentiful mass of perfectly round, 3” clusters are made up of blushing pink, starry flowers, well-displayed outside of the attractive oval leaves. It’s recommended to protect from serious frost in the first couple of years. Drought tolerant once established. Excellent in a large container (25+ gal).


Sun/Pt. Sun
Avg./Low Water

drought tolerant

Perennial shrub/tree
USDA Zones 9-11