Hibiscus aculeatus
“Comfort Root”

Hibiscus aculeatus “Comfort Root”

You know, there are just so many wonderful, garden-worthy Hibiscus species in the world besides the tropical varieties we are way too familiar with. HARDY TO ZONE 7, “Comfort Root” is native to our Southwestern states & likes average to moist soil. Blooming Summer till Fall, its entrancing primrose yellow petals overlap to form widely flaring trumpets – to 4” across – contrasted with a sexy maroon eye. Nicely branching to 4” tall & 4’ across, it's evergreen in warmer climates & bears very attractive palmate leaves. Stems & foliage are covered with very rough little hairs so be careful, but hey, that should keep pests of all sorts far away! Rich well drained soil for best show.


Avg./Moist water

USDA Zones 7-10