Coreopsis gigantea
"Giant Sea Dahlia"
Coreopsis gigantea "Giant Sea Dahlia"Coreopsis gigantea "Giant Sea Dahlia"

photo (left): JG in SF

Like a palm tree mated with a Sunflower! Yes, this is our very own fantastical Dr. Seuss plant courtesy of the coastal bluffs of southern California. Cartoonish, large and ferny bright green foliage heads sprout out in Spring atop undulating and thick palm-like trunks. In February, out pop the large 4” daisies beginning an outlandish show that lasts till May. A showstopper! You can let it go completely dry in Summer, when it will go deciduous but still work as a bizarre focal point. Here at the nursery we give ours a bit of Summer water and it happily remains silly and green. Requires good drainage. Hardy to 25 degrees F. To 4' x 3'.





Low-No Summer Water

USDA Zones 9-10