Stoebe plumosa
(syn. Seriphium plumosa)

Stoebe plumosa (syn. Seriphium plumosa) “Slangbos”

Supremely silvery - white foliage from head-to-toe makes this EASY & FAST South African shrub a stunner of a contrast plant for any sunny well-drained garden. Finely textured, wooly foliage & densely branching stems form a compact shrub 3’ tall & 4-5’ across (can easily be trimmed to a slimmer shape though.) It’s certainly the star of one of our “dry gardens”  here at the nursery beautifully combined with Cotyledon orbiculata, Graptoveria ‘Crested’ & Dierama. Fabulous contrasted against darker foliage subjects like the Hebe speciosa or dark leaved Dyckias. Trim back 1/3 in Winter for continued compact form & side-dress with a bit of compost annually. Some Summer water for tip-top appearance. RARE!Highly recommended!



USDA Zones 9-11