‘Purple Ruffles’
(Ocimum basilicum)

Basil ‘Purple Ruffles’ (Ocimum basilicum)

Perhaps the most decadently ornamental Basil, ‘Purple Ruffles” has opalescent deep purple leaves that are ridged & frilled for both color & textural intrigue. It’s great for contrasting foliage in Summer bedding combos, & mildly flavored enough to be used liberally in salads. Basil is rich in volatile oils which calm the nerves, aid in digestion, & give you a little pick me up. Basil makes me especially happy on warm Summer days when eaten fresh off the plant with sun-ripened tomatoes. Pinch for bushy, branching plants to ensure a good crop of fresh growth, & plant in rich, well drained soil. After you’re done with harvesting do let the plants go into flower – it makes the bees happy! To 16-24"high & 12-15"wide.

Claire Woods

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