Euphorbia myrsinites
“Donkey Tail Spurge”

Euphorbia myrsinites “Donkey Tail Spurge”Euphorbia myrsinites “Donkey Tail Spurge”

photo: Katherine Doumani

This is an easy, tough, tidy groundcover that lends marvelous texture to rock gardens & is great trailing over rock walls. With spirally arranged leaves, its foot-long blue stems terminate in clusters of lime green flowers in Spring that persist for months. Dead head before it self-sows, as it reseeds easily, & is considered invasive in some parts of the Western US. Drought & heat tolerant, this Euphorbia is very durable, resistant to deer, & bad soil. Euphorbia sap is toxic, & may irritate skin, so be careful when pruning.

Claire Woods

Due to Agricultural Restrictions we cannot ship this plant to Colorado or Oregon.

Pt.Sun/Full Sun

USDA Zones 5-10