Nicotiana alata x sanderae
‘Crimson Bedder’

Nicotiana alata x sanderae ‘Crimson Bedder’Nicotiana alata x sanderae ‘Crimson Bedder’

Nice & tall to 3-4’ & so much better than those boinky, dwarf flowering tobaccos so commonly available – I won’t say where! Bright cherry-red, 2” star-shaped, long-tubed flowers appear year around on numerous upright branchy stems to bring a blast of color to your shade garden. Attractive foliage too! Perennial in mild climates, cut it back & it flowers again & again – even in Winter here along California’s coast! Cheery under climbing roses, side-dress with 1” compost twice a year for best appearance. Deer resistant!

Nicotiana alata x sanderae ‘Crimson Bedder’


AM Sun/Shade

Short-lived Perennial
USDA Zones 9-10,
Annual elsewhere