Lilium lancifolium
“Tiger Lily”

Lilium lancifolium "Tiger Lily"Lilium lancifolium "Tiger Lily"


Spectacular towering over the garden in mid-late Summer, this hardy heirloom "pass-along" lily is INDESTRUCTIBLE in the garden, tolerating neglect and poor soil. Within a few years, it makes a grand display of 5-10 strong, 6' stalks topped with a huge candelabra of radiant, 5'' reflexed orange blooms ornamented with black spots – 12-20 blooms per candelabra! One of the few lilies to produce conspicuous bulbils (baby bulbs) in the leaf axils, you can pop these off for sharing; they’ll easily sprout new plants! An incredible performer and attention hound at the back of a mixed bed, in a rock garden or even front and center in your Summer display, it’s probably the EASIEST lily you can grow. Now, there can be a tradeoff to all this vigor: it's recommended you keep them separated from Oriental and Asian Lilies, as they may carry a virus that can affect more delicate Lilies. Rich soil for optimum performance. Cut back after bloom. Butterflies and wondrous cut flowers! May ship dormant until April.


Avg./Low water
Perennial Bulb
USDA Zones 4-9