Aralia californica
“Elk Clover” “California Ginseng”

Aralia californica “Elk Clover” “California Ginseng”
photo: (left) JG in SF

I love to see this Aralia when I’m out hiking because it means I’ve reached a cool, moist, shady spot to rest in. Often growing next to a stream, the lush deeply lobed 3’ long leaves arch gracefully out from shady hillsides. Beginning in June, 2” pom-pom clusters of white flowers emerge, then in the Fall they develop into very ornamental dark purple berries. The berries are loved by birds & are offset nicely by the stems that turn reddish at the same time. Aralia californica grows to 8’ wide & 8’ tall, but goes dormant in the Winter. Native to California & Oregon. Used in herbal anti-inflammatory remedies.

Kelly Kilpatrick


USDA Zones 7-10