Clianthus puniceus
“Parrot’s Bill”

Clianthus puniceus “Parrot’s Beak”Clianthus puniceus “Parrot’s Beak”

THE plant everyone goes nuts over during our Spring party! Forming an attractive, evergreen, multi-branching shrub to 4’ x 4’, this now extinct in the wild, New Zealand native kind of resembles a short tree fern with its long, handsome, arching branches. Loads of radiant, rosey-red, 3” long “parrot-beak” blooms held in clusters light up the branches in Spring (with lesser bloom in Summer) at least 15 to a branch! Easy & fast – do provide rich well drained soil & side-dress with compost annu­ally. Totally neat-o in a half barrel. Attracts birds & can be espaliered. Hardy to 13° F.


Clianthus puniceus "Parrot's Beak"

Full Sun(coast)/Half Day Sun (inland)
Avg./Moist Water

USDA zones 8-11