Clarkia rubicunda blasdalei
“Ruby Chalice Clarkia”

Clarkia rubicunda blasdalei “Ruby Chalice Clarkia”Clarkia rubicunda blasdalei “Ruby Chalice Clarkia”

You want showy with no work? Long blooming, drought and deer tolerant and clay friendly? Then don’t pass over our California native Clarkias because they’re “just annuals.” Why? Because they self-sow reliably, so you’ll have new volunteers every year, brand new plants that never look aged or sad. Exceptionally exuberant, “Ruby Chalice Clarkia” quickly reaches 30” x 30”, displaying a profusion of 2” cherry centered lavender-pink blooms beginning in May and lasting till midsummer and even Fall (with some water). Perfect for keeping your garden floriferous at the end of Spring & before Summer bloomers kick in. Makes wonderful, longest lasting cut flowers, too!



Clarkia rubicund blasdelai

Avg/No Summer Water
deer resistant

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