Primula capitata ssp. mooreana

Primula capitata ssp. mooreanaPrimula capitata ssp. mooreana

Blooming from Spring through at least mid-Summerhere along our Pacific coast, this super easy to grow Primrose has shot to the top of our shade “must have list”. Not only that, we love it’s fascinating deep purple tubular blooms held so densely in stacked whorls atop 12-14” stems. And an extra bonus for us Primula afficianados – it’s whorls, stems, & leaf undersides are frosted with silvery-white “farina”. Oh yeah! Native to Tibet + Southwestern China, this long blooming perennial wonder makes neat, dense foliar clumps to 10” across & like rich,  moist soil & part to bright shade. Grow it in the garden or in a pot by your front steps for a perfect purple “pick-me-up” when you return home each day. Deciduous in Winter.


AM Sun/Shade
USDA Zones 5-10