Sisyrinchium hyb.
‘Devon Skies’

Sisyrinchium hyb. ‘Devon Skies’Sisyrinchium hyb. ‘Devon Skies’
Oh lordy – were we ever-so-impressed with this amazing hybrid! With flow­ers like our native “Blue Eyed Grass” but larger, this baby bloomed from Spring till the end of Summer in our gardens & spread to at least 1’ across. Only 6” tall, it covers itself with 1”, beauti­ful, spritely blue star-shaped blooms with a dark violet ring surrounding a yellow eye. It doesn’t require a densely fertile soil to thrive.  So EASY & perfect for edging, it doesn’t make seed so it’s non-invasive but can be divided to share with friends. Deer, heat, humidity & drought resistant!



USDA Zones 5-10