Primula florindae
“Tibetan Summer Bells”

Primula florindae “Tibetan Summer Bells”Primula florindae “Tibetan Summer Bells”


Sadly unknown by most gardeners, “Tibetan Summer Bells” is a personal favorite of ours. A long-lived, vigorous species not bothered by snails, this delightfully fragrant Primula loves our cool coastal climate. It’s deciduous and rather late to emerge in Spring, making large, flattish rosettes that spread to 2’ wide with age. In June & July, it throws up 5 - 30 stalks up to 3’ tall, topped by large heads of nodding, fragrant flowers. The colors in this mix range from red to yellow. “Tibetan Summer Bells” prefer bright shade & moist, rich soil. They don’t like to dry out. Truly wonderful for the shady garden, near a water feature or in a container (at least 12” across).


Brt Shade - Pt Shade 
Moist soil 

USDA zones 3-10

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