Psoralea fleta
“Weeping Blue Broom”

New & Exciting Discovery!

Psoralea fleta “Weeping Blue Broom”

Oh my gosh, little did we realize when we trialed the seed of this obscure South African Psoralea that we would cause such horticultural pandemonium! Pandemonium because that incognito little seed quickly grew into a beautiful small tree, that, as it began to bloom, had everyone’s lust-o-meter spinning off the dial! Large Wisteria-like panicles (to 12” long) of large 1” lavender white Sweet Pea flowers permeate the air to quite a distance with a sweet & wistful grape soda fragrance – far more fragrant than Psoralea pinnata. They are so beautiful & appear so profusely (woo-hoo!) from early to mid-Summer – they’ll stop everyone in their tracks! Multiple trunked & only 12’ tall, “Weeping Blue Broom” makes a magical specimen tree for a small garden. So appealing, too, even when it’s not in bloom with its graceful arching branches & unusual long threadlike blue-green leafless foliage. Fast & super easy, it should bloom by its second year requiring only well-drained soil & an annual bit of compost.

Psoralea fleta “Weeping Blue Broom”


Avg/Low water
Small Tree
USDA Zones 8-10