Cantua buxifolia ‘Golden Inca’
"Yellow Sacred Flower of the Andes"

Cantua buxifolia ‘Golden Inca’ "Yellow Sacred Flower of the Andes"

Yes! We finally have the so rare & so lovely yellow-flowered form of this ever-so-popular & dazzling shrub. With a massive burst of bloom in Spring, it displays hundreds of 3” pendulous long yellow flaring tubular flowers turning white at the ends. With rich soil, a bit of shade & adequate water, it will continue to bloom sporadically all Summer. Fast growing & happily evergreen with attractive glossy bright green foliage, it’ll reach 6-8’ tall within a year. Its long arching branches can be espaliered or pruned anytime to any shape. ‘Golden Inca’ does appear to produce variable colored blooms after awhile, but you won’t mind, as they show up as apricot or soft pink. No matter the color, hummingbirds absolutely adore it. Do grow in rich soil & regular water with some shade in the afternoon. If it dries out, some branches will die. Prune them off & new foliage will sprout. Does not fair well in hot & humid climates.


Half Day Sun
Avg Water

USDA Zone 9b-11