Helleborus x. sternii
‘Boughton Beauty Seedling’

Helleborus x. sternii ‘Boughton Beauty Seedling’

In 2005 we received Hellebore seeds from Russell Graham, the renowned plantsman from Corvallis, Oregon. He has collected seeds from the best seedlings in his breeding program & we will be the lucky ones to see where his efforts have taken him. Corsican Hellebores cross very easily with H. lividus from Majorca, resulting in H. x sternii hybrids. ‘Boughton Beauty’ is the result of one of these crosses & shows a lot of lividus influence with a pink flush to the green flowers, dark purple stems & white & cream marbled leaves. At the same time it has kept the cold tolerance of the Corsican parent. A very attractive plant & though the outcome of these seedlings will be variable, they are surely going to be nice plants. To 12" high and 15-18" wide.

Anni Jensen

Full Shade/AM Sun
Avg. Water/Dry

USDA Zones 6-10