Hibiscus cisplatinus
“Rosa del Rio”

Hibiscus cisplatinus“Rosa del Rio”

Need a gorgeous, long blooming, easy & fast shrub to fill in a large space? I’ve had this hibiscus in our gardens for 3 years & I am now probably its #1 fan! Fast growing to 5’ x 5’ in year one, it never shows any sign of chlorosis here in the fog-belt. Evergreen, lobed foliage, vigorous & super bloomiferous, the 4” cotton candy flowers appear on showy red stems JUNE - NOVEMBER! Prominent, velvety anthers & a deep cherry throat take its beauty to a whole ’nother level! Well drained soil with an annual boost of compost. I cut mine almost to the ground each Winter & it bounces right back. Hummers freak out!  In its native, South American habitat, it’s found growing by stream banks, so do grow in rich soil with adequate moisture.

Hibiscus cisplatinus“Rosa del Rio”



Avg./Moist Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 9-10