Helleborus foetidus
“Bear’s Paw Plant”

In 2005, we received Hellebore seeds from Russell Graham, the renowned plantsman from Corvallis, Oregon. He has collected seeds from the best seedlings in his H. orientale breeding program & also from his best seedlings of other Hellebore species -- we lucky he has generously shared with us. H. foetidus has very attractive, deeply divided leaves (like bear paws?) & when the weather cools in Winter, the leaf color turns an even darker olive green. The many divided leaf segment lace together & cover the plant well. In mid-Winter to early Spring, the 2’ flower spikes bear bell shaped green flowers, often with purple margins & nicely scented. The “foetidus” (fetid) in the name does not refer to the scent of the flowers but rather the smell of the foliage when bruised, but even then the scent is quite mild. Like other Hellebores, a great plant for the dry shade garden but it will also do well in sun. To 1-3' high & wide.

Anni Jensen

Full Shade/Sun

drought tolerant

USDA Zones 6-9