Ipomoea purpurea
‘Tickle Me Pink’
“Morning Glory”

Ipomoea purpurea‘Tickle Me Pink’“Morning Glory”Ipomoea purpurea‘Tickle Me Pink’“Morning Glory”

A massive bloomer of a Morning Glory, as it’s the same prolific species as the more familiar ‘Kniola’s Black.’ In other words, not the more commonly grown species Ipomoea tricolor. Lovely pink blooms are nicely contrasted with a white throat & rosey star & though a bit smaller than the traditional tricolor species, the exuberant bloom more than satisfies! Super-fast growing, it begins to bloom even while small & will quickly reach 8’ tall & 4’ across. It has pretty emerald green heart shaped leaves, too! Though not fussy about soil, it’ll go nuts in rich soil & does best when you plant it where the roots will be shaded. Self sows!


Due to Agricultural Restrictions we cannot ship this plant to Arkansas, Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma, or Texas.

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