Canna flaccida
“Golden Canna”

Canna flaccida  Golden CannaCanna flaccida  Golden Canna

Big, beautiful 3” across canary yellow blooms appear in clusters on long stalks 3’-4’ tall from mid-Summer to Fall on this species Canna indigenous to the wetlands of the Southeastern US. One of the parents of orchid-flowered Cannas, it also boasts handsome shiny long & broad leaves (2’ long & 6” across) that taper to a slender point. Grow it along the edges of a pond, contained water garden, or somewhere that stays consistently moist. (It grows readily with its crown submerged up to 10” below the water surface. Multiplies by tubers but not invasively. It’ll die back to the roots with the first freeze, but you can dig it up & store indoors till Spring in colder climates. Rich soil is best.



Perennial Bulb
USDA Zones 8a-11