Lonicera fragrantissima
“Winter Honeysuckle”
“Sweet Breath of Spring”

Extraordinarily fragrant, the small creamy white blooms of this old-fashioned, tough, no nonsense shrub emit a powerfully sweet lemony scent, often perfuming a large area. Creating a bushy, arching form 6’-8’ tall & wide, it’s usually used as an informal screen or hedge or background plant, as it’s nothing special when not in bloom. Appearing before the foliage in January & February, the dangling white flowers don’t mind snow, & budded cut branches can be brought indoors in a vase. Extremely tough, hardy & long-lived, “Winter Honeysuckle” is drought tolerant but looks best in rich, loamy soil with Summer water. Bluish-green oval foliage remains till fall and is evergreen in warm climates. Prune to shape after 3 or 4 years. Good loamy soil is best.


Due to Agricultural Restrictions we cannot ship this plant to Tennessee or Virginia.

*We advise caution when planting near woodlands in the Eastern States.

Avg./Low water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 4a-10