Lonicera tatarica
“Tatarian Honeysuckle”

Lonicera tatarica “Tatarian Honeysuckle” Lonicera tatarica “Tatarian Honeysuckle”

photo:(left) jvanne

This honeysuckle forms a large round-headed, multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with pretty flowers & fruit. It can reach 10’ by 10’ & has attractive blue green leaves. The profuse, fragrant flowers, which occur in mid-Spring, range from white to rose-red. Following the flowers are showy red berries that can persist into the Winter. The bark is gray & somewhat peeling. Lonicera tatarica would make a good habitat shrub for birds, providing cover & food. Native to Central Asia through Southern Russia.

Note: This Lonicera is listed as invasive in CT, MA, NH, VT,WI & cannot be shipped to these states. Although it is not listed as invasive in other parts of the country, consideration should be given to its use in your area.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun-Part Sun
Avg. water

Deciduous Shrub
USDA zones 3-10