‘Tall Red’

"Red Kangaroo Paws"

A gardening favorite for many years now, just about every garden can benefit from having a Kangaroo Paw growing in it. This variety has very tall flower spikes to 7-8’ tall & are a rich ruby red. The iris-like foliage will grow about 3’ tall & wide. The fuzzy red “paws” open to reveal a green star-shaped flower. They bloom Spring thru Fall. The flower stalks can be used in flower arrangements & are very dramatic & long lasting. A favorite of hummingbirds, these plants are often the center of their entertaining antics & also make good perches for the little birds. Native to Western Australia, Kangaroo Paws like full sun & good drainage. Mine have performed best & produced tons of flowers spikes when given a top dressing of compost once a year. Cut spent flower spikes to keep them tidy looking.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Average water
USDA Zones 9-11