Helenium puberulum

Helenium puberulumHelenium puberulum

Okay, so this widespread tough & easy California native is rather, um … petalimpaired, but you should see it in full bloom May through August– it really puts on a show! “Lollipop” heads with itty-bitty golden yellow collars are borne in multitude on naked, slender and branching silvery stems. Reliably perennial, plant them at front of bed or in a container for pronounced playfulness. Not fussy about soil – but more blooms with compost for sure. Top-o-the-line butterfly attractor! Cool dried flowers. Easily self-sows! Super versatile, it doesn’t mind droughty or moist conditions. To 30” high & 2’ wide.


Sun-Part Sun
Low Water or Moist
USDA Zones 8-11