Penstemon X gloxinioides ‘Thorn’

Penstemon X gloxinoides ‘Thorn’Penstemon X gloxinoides ‘Thorn’

Hooray! A long-lived and massive blooming Penstemon for our mild climate where, sadly, most Penstemons sputter out after a year or two. To 3’ high & wide, the bloom spikes come Spring thru Fall & I don’t mean a few spikes at a time. Lots – just like in these photos! Good-sized, white-blushed-pink trumpets & substantial foliage looks super in mixed perennial & shrub gardens, even dry gardens! Side-dress with a little compost in Spring & Summer and cut back spent spikes regularly. Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually have thorns.


Avg/Low Water

USDA Zones 6-10