Ruellia macrantha
“Christmas Pride”

Ruellia macrantha "Christmas Pride"Ruellia macrantha "Christmas Pride"

Few shrubs in our nursery score the oohs and aahs like this gorgeous late season bloomer from Brazil. Fast growing to 5' tall and 3' across with pretty, bright green leaves and stout, upright branching stems, bloom begins in Summer, revving up to a full scale spectacle come Fall and lasting until Spring, bringing juicy, tropical thrills all thru the holidays! And did I say the flowers are gorgeous? Voluptuous, 3" across, widely flaring, orchid-pink trumpets look quilted with indented dark pink veining. Easy to grow in well-drained, compost-enhanced soil. Though it’s root hardy to 25 F, it does suffer damage with even light frosts. The good news is it makes a fantastic container plant (25+ gal.) that you can move to a sheltered spot in Winter. Can even be grown indoors! Cut back to 1' tall when bloom season is finished.


AM Sun/Shade
Avg. Water
Perennial shrub
USDA Zones 9b-11