Greyia radkoferi

Greyia radkoferiGreyia radkoferi

Easy to grow here in USDA Zones 9-11, this spectaculicous shrub or small deciduous tree blooms in mass in late Winter through Spring. At the tip, almost bare branches give it a stunning appearance. From 6’-12’ tall, it provides an interesting structural element too, with its gnarled, twisted branches & yellow smooth bark that turns gray & furrowed with age. The flaring, tubular bright scarlet flowers are beautifully embellished with long, curving deep red stamens extending out from the throat & are held in dense clusters. The handsome foliage, which begins to appear in Spring is large, velvety & rounded with scalloped edges & wooly underneath. Native to stream banks of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, give it rich, well-drained soil & ample water Spring thru Fall. Can be bonzaied!


Avg./Moist water
USDA Zones 9-11