Fuchsia ‘Nettala’

Fuchsia ‘Nettala’Fuchsia ‘Nettala’

I received this Fuchsia many years ago when I ordered mite resistant Fuchsias from a small nursery in Arcata. Although I don’t find its name on any of the official lists of resistant varieties, it has indeed not shown any mite damage in the more than 15 years I have grown it. My plant supports itself by using a shrub rose to keep up the long drooping branches. In this fashion it has become quite tall (6-7’), though a cold winter will take it down in size again. Pinching may keep it more compact. The petals are quite unique by having a very elongated base, enabling you to see right through the center of the flower. The color is traditional Fuchsia. The whole plant is quite impressive & gets a lot of attention, particularly from people who still remember the good old days before the mite (BM) and when the San Francisco Bay Area was THE place for growing Fuchsias.

Anni J

Pt. Shade
(sun OK on coast)
Average water
Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 9-11