Clematis brachiata
“Traveler’s Joy”

Truly a late Summer joy, this fast, carefree & simple-to-grow Clematis bursts into a cloud with super sweet-scented creamy white bloom in August & September. Much like “Sweet Autumn Clematis” (C. ternifolia or paniculata), this slender, twining big performer will easily grow to 8’ tall & 6’ across the first year & to 15’ tall & 8-10’ across the second. The fragrant white star-shaped flowers are centered by a big puff of long yellow stamens & though small, are borne by the thousands completely obscuring the foliage. The flowers are followed by decorative seed-heads which last thru Winter. Used in by-gone days by travelers who stuffed the leaves into their shoes to ease blisters, aches & pains. It’s still used to soothe muscles, by boiling up a strong brew from the leaves & adding it to your bath water. Do prune back in late Winter-early Spring for best appearance. Not fussy about soil, though compost makes it grow like crazy! Semi-deciduous to deciduous.


Sun/Pt. sun
Avg. water
Perennial vine
USDA Zones 8a-10